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can't truncate tran log

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I have this problem :

I tried dump tran Mydb with no_log and get this in error log.

Attemp by user 1 to dump xact on db Mydb with no log.

I have two server with ASE and RS 11.5.1 .Data and log on the same segment.

And set checkpoint truncate on .

Server A was distributor and Server B was subscripting some tables .

I removed RS on B Server becose I not want replication any more.

On both servers tran log is geting bigger.

I tried dbcc settrunc(ltm,ignore) ,but it not helped .

Thank's for any idea .


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    • otto.bachorik.sybase.todaysummary.com.ct.cz (Otto) wrote in message news:<298e4dcb.0403190029.49de28


      To clear the logs you first need to sign on to Sybase as the system admistra


      To do this type the following from the UNIX prompt;

      isql -Usa -PMYDB

      This is the soft way of doing this and

      if you are getting messages about the logs

      then you need to stop it by using CTRL C.

      Then type the following:

      If you get an error message then exit from ISQL and login again.

      Now try the last command again and wait for completion.

      #1; Sat, 17 May 2008 16:12:00 GMT